Holiday Self-Care Advocate 

 Brand Ambassador for Oceanista Laguna Beach

Today...I allow and receive all good things into my life.  I am a divine magnet for vibrant health, prosperity, abundance, love, wealth & opulence now and forevermore.  Money flows to me easily & endlessly as it's my divine right to be rich and enjoy the gift of Holidays.  I give of my talents and I'm wonderfully blessed with financial freedom.  May all my students (my Ohana) be blessed.

In Jesus name amen and it is done...


Welcome to my self-love... Holiday Self-Care  Health  program surrounded by my favorite things that inspire more gift giving, beauty,  joy, happiness, creativity and overall wellness into my life, my family and community.  Growing up excited to gather watching Holiday family friendly programs such as The Nutcracker, Charlie Brown, Miracle on 34th Street, A Christmas Carol, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, The Grinch and many other classics has inspired me to pass along the simplicity and joys of my childhood.  The memory of anticipation during a sleepless Christmas Eve night for Santa's arrival and a morning blessed with family and unwrap surprises continues to fill my heart with childlike love.  This practice is also inspired by nature, the ocean and the care-free spirit of the beach life as well as the self-care benefits of play...even as adults.   I share pieces of my experiences with my community to serve as a positive catalyst for kindness, generosity and appreciation for environment, ourselves, our families, our communities and our Holidays together...all we have is the gift of now.

To all those I meet along my holidays...know you can manifest a joyous, prosperous and rich life.  Rich in health, rich in love, rich in nature,rich in joy and rich in pure appreciation.  I affirm we all live creatively;  filled with magical moments of grace, compassion and confidence.  Let's give freely and thoughtfully to our families, communities and to ourselves.  We are blessed to be a blessing and there's abundance for all to more, live more & go on holiday! 

A few of my favorite things:

*Fresh Flowers, essential oils, tea & appetizers 

*A beautiful lipstick, travel, luggage & toiletries 

*Themed Resorts, lodges and bed & breakfast

*Sandy beaches and relaxing waves  

*Love good food & kind company 

*Healthy & Happy Holiday Advocate (self-care practice inspired by sandy beaches, smoothies, nutrient rich snacks & everyday can be an adventure)

*Encouraging personal, family & community gatherings, traditions and adventures through my love of Christmas, creative arts and holiday staycations. 

*Fan of the performing arts, The American Ballet Theatre, The Royal Ballet, Lucille Ball, Peanuts Comics, Richie Rich, Marilyn Monroe Universal Studios, Walt Disney World & Pixar, Hello Kitty and of course The Nutcracker Ballet

NOTE:  As an affiliate with Oceanista and Coconut Bowls;  I do receive a percentage of affiliate sales via links on this site.  My self-care adventures are my opinions based on personal experiences and inspirations.